an invitation to change

Something I ask myself many times per day, “What is this world?”  I see people on the street living with homelessness, violence, poverty; in our society there is corruption, horrendous abuse to animals, people doing things to each other and treating others in ways that are beyond comprehension, not to mention what is going on around the globe right now.  What is this world?


What is this world that I have chosen to visit and be part of for the duration of my time here?  What the fuck is this world?


And then there’s my own stuff – my own version of ‘poverty’, my own version of ‘homelessness’ – it’s all relative and empathy aside we simply cannot compare our own lives with those of others when we only truly know our own lived experience.  There is my utter confusion at so much that happens around me and my deep and painful hyper-sensitivity to it – all of it – and I often find myself exhausted, emotional and wondering time and time again,  ‘What is this world?’


This morning something became clear to me, something that I already knew but I now understand a little deeper: This world is as it is because it’s in a process of change.

Crisis is an invitation to change.


Humans are funny creatures.  It is only when disaster strikes, either globally or personally, that we DO something. – our body becomes tired to make us slow down, our mind becomes depressed to make us go within and sort out what needs to be sorted out; humanitarian crisis’ happen to make people wake up and do something to change things.


The discomfort, the illness, the personal and global crisis is an invitation (push, opportunity) to change.


The world is in a state of massive transformation on both an individual and global level.  There is a huge overhaul happening and many of us are aware of it and making changes in lots of different areas of our lives as a result.  We are being called to ‘step up’ and start doing what we came here to do.  It’s time.  I know you know this.  But the thing about change is that it sometimes takes time, and change of this mammoth size – the global kind of change – takes time.  In fact, the real effect the current crisis’ in the world will have on the future of this planet is something we may not even see in this lifetime.  This type of change will take time.  But it’s happening.  The change is happening and we know this because things are breaking down, falling apart and there is crisis – deep, shocking, painful crisis.


Crisis, whether it be internal or external, is an invitation to change.  What you do with that invitation is up to you.


Keep stepping forward, Sam