clarity, intuition and eyebrow threading

I don’t wear make-up, I’m just not that kinda woman! Aside from the occasional bleach bomb my poor hair has to endure, the closest I get to make-up is my three week pamper. Every three weeks I head into the city to see my most favorite Indian eyebrow threading goddess, Anju, for 30 minutes of brow threading and lash coloring. I love this time so much; not only do I get great conversation and some self-pampering but I always leave with an odd sensation of feeling cleansed and more grounded.


A few weeks ago Anju went back to India for three months to see her family. I was so happy for her as I know how much she misses them, but admittedly a little part of me was freaking out – where do I find a fill-in threader?


Cut to two days ago and my eyebrows were itchy. I swear if they could speak they would have screamed, “We want some threading!” It was time and I had to take action (this is serious business!)  I’m currently house sitting in the hills of Melbourne for three months and I decided to try and find a local threader rather than take the hour-long trip into the city. I scoured online classifieds until I found a local woman who offered the services I required. I made an appointment for the following day and was already starting to feel that little bit of extra ‘happy’ (yep, I love it).


Cut to yesterday – I arrived at my scheduled self-pamper appointment and was greeted by a friendly European woman in her late 50’s. Aside from her lovely, welcoming smile, the first thing I noticed about her was her eyebrows – they were quite thin and seemed an odd purplish color. Despite my intuition quietly screaming, ‘RUN!!!!’ I had been excited about this appointment for 24 hours, which meant that my logic brain won the battle with, “How bad could this go, really. Calm down. She’s a professional. She does this everyday.”


Cut to today and I sit here writing this blog with thin and strangely colored brows as well as a hint of inky darkness surrounding my eyelids. At this point before I can stop myself, just to completely top this nightmare off, I also need to admit to having been subjected to a ‘moustache threading’.


Oh dear.


This morning I was walking the dogs (they came with the housesit) and I noticed that I my pace was more determined than usual; I actually had the thought that I was walking like I was going into battle. I realized I was feeling pissed off and it didn’t take a genius to work out why. Not only was my self-pamper session sabotaged, I now have to walk around with eyebrows from the 1990’s for the next few weeks, not to mention I wasted $50.


Hello, 1990…? I have your eyebrows if you want them back!


I walked hard for another minute dragging the poor dogs and having seriously angry thoughts at the threading woman when suddenly in my mind I heard,’ Were you clear, and did you listen to your self?’


Breathe, backtrack and break it down.


  1. I went to my appointment and was greeted by a European woman in her late 50’s with thin purplish eyebrows. In my other life I make dreadlocks and I always tell people that when they go somewhere to have their dreads done ALWAYS look at the dreads of the person who will be working on you – if you don’t like their dreads chances are you wont want them working on yours. So, at this point (in the first 5 seconds) I could have left but instead chose to stay.


  1. I told her I wanted eyebrow threading, a little bit of eyebrow color and an eyelash tint, and she proceeded as instructed. I could have said, “Please keep the current shape of my eyebrows, just tidy them up a bit and I usually have just a slight hint of light brown on my eyebrows” but I didn’t, I just assumed that she could see what I needed.


  1. When she began to thread my eyebrows I felt that she was taking too much off but I still said nothing (don’t worry, I frustrate myself too writing and recalling this)


  1. When she began doing my eyelash tint and I realized she did not have what I consider the right equipment and the job began to feel a bit messy I could have said something, but I said nothing.


  1. She told me that in her country facial hair on women was ‘very ugly’ and I needed to get rid of my ‘moustache’. I have to point out here that I have a very light amount of blond facial hair that cannot be seen and I did not want any other part of my face threaded, I could have said ‘no’ but my weak attempts at stopping her were futile.


My point is that I had numerous opportunities to trust my intuition, to be clearer in communicating my needs and/or to leave; yet because of my over-politeness, my excitement of having the job done and trusting (hoping) that this woman knew how to do her job I stayed. So I must ask myself in all honestly, Are my 90’s eyebrows, raccoon eyes and clean upper lip completely her fault?


Without clear instructions from me the woman did what was perfectly accurate by her standard.


This isn’t really about 90’s brows, moustaches or raccoon eyes – it’s about trusting your intuition and being clear.




When you are setting your intentions for your meditation or for your day or your week think of my 90’s brows and be clear about what you want. When you are asking a friend for a favor or your partner to meet your needs, consider raccoon eyes and be clear about what you want. When you arrive for your beauty appointment and are greeted by a middle aged European woman with thin purple eyebrows, RUN FORREST, RUN!!!!!!! or be very (very) clear about what you want.


Choose clarity and listening to your intuition over being polite (bad brows are just not worth it).


Keep steeping forward, Sam



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