introducing my Guru…

I go to the Hare Krishna’s for lunch (a lot), but I’m not a Hare Krishna.  I love their food, their chanting, their music, their color and their joy – but I am no ‘devotee’.


I go to Buddhist meditation quite regularly, but I’m not a Buddhist.  I love their peace, their calm, their Zen, their mindfulness and their teachings that human life is an illusion – a lot of it resonates with me but I am not ‘devotee’.


I like Jesus and I actually chat to him sometimes in meditation.  My view of him is of someone who was enlightened in his human form because he saw beyond the veil of illusion, and I believe he wanted nothing more than to share this understanding and bliss with everyone.  I like Jesus a lot, but I’m no Christian or Catholic or any of the other religions that have attached his apparent teachings to them.


You get the point, yeh?


I was at the Hare Krishna’s the other day for lunch and the woman who was serving me asked me how I made my dreadlocks.  She said she always wanted to know how they are made but never had anyone to ask.  This woman is from India, so I asked her why she never asked one of the many Sadhus from her birth country, and she replied (shocked), “I would not dare to! They are on a different level to me [with her hand she raised the vibration bar high to demonstrate] and I could never approach them!”


I walked away reminiscing about a time 20 years ago when I sat on the ground next to a dreadlocked Sadhu in Hampi, India, and we spoke together for a long while (without words as we didn’t know each others language), and I remember clearly how simple it was for me to approach him – I walked in his direction, smiled and asked with my body language if I could sit with him, and I sat.


There was no one higher or lower in that moment of two people meeting.


It is so drummed into us as humans that the answers we seek lie in some illusive place outside of ourselves, and that God/Guru/Divine [insert your own word] not only has all the answers but we also must be ‘good people’, or pray a certain way, or jump through hoops or say the right words in order to get their attention.


Why are we so set on believing that everything we could possibly hope to know is not already available to us, inside of us?


I’m not saying don’t follow a God or Guru if that feels right for you, but I am suggesting that even if you choose that path to always remember that everything you ever need, every answer you seek is already inside you, and/or available to you.  I am suggesting that you are already your own Guru/God and you are already part of the whole that is the energy of everything that contains all the knowledge of everything.  Stop believing you are not.


Start understanding/remembering that you are already of God/Divine/Oneness and your life will change dramatically. I speak from experience, and I promise you that I am not the only one on this ride.


I invited you to meet my Guru, and my Guru is my self.  My Guru is myself because I am, and have always been, connected to Spirit and God/Oneness and within that energy of everything that is lies all the information of everything that is.  I love learning and community and like-minded people around me so I gravitate toward certain philosophies and ‘religions’, absolutely, but I do not believe that anyone has all the answers and I don’t believe that there is anyone who is higher or lower than me in ‘status’, therefore for me to be a devotee of anyone would be to dishonor my self.


There are many amazing teachers in the world right now, and they are coming through in many, many forms to reach many different types of people, and they are here simply to help us to remember who we are.  This is an amazing time that we live in with a huge uprising in consciousness and we are being gifted with knowledge (remembering/Spirit connection) like never before.  Certain teachers may come into our lives during this time, and my suggestion to you is to always take what you need and leave the rest.


Blindly and/or completely following anyone dishonors your own connection to Spirit, and in handing your power over to someone else you are telling your self that your worth is less that the one you are following.


I do hope the Guru/God/Divine inside you has been given the drivers seat in this life and that you too understand your own worth and magnificence.


Keep stepping forward, Sam



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