universal roadblocks


The Universe has roadblocks and they are disguised as stuff that doesn’t work or stuff that doesn’t happen easily.


Let me explain.


12 months ago I got into my head that I needed to reconnect with someone from my past – in fact it seemed very important and urgent that I contact this person, but every effort that I made to try and track him down led to nothing.  I even drove 300 k’s to his town and camped in my car overnight trying to find him (twice) – it felt that important.  But I just could not find him.  Finally, 11 months later, I contacted someone who contacted someone else who passed on this guys phone number to me.  But by the time it go to me it had one digit incorrect.  I didn’t stop – I kept pushing and pushing and finally, finally, I got the correct phone number and tracked him down.  Well done, right??  Ahem.  For him our reconnection was great, he really needed a friend; but for me it was a nightmare and actually quite damaging for a while (sometimes the past needs to remain in the past).

So what happened?


I ignored the universes roadblocks.  Consistently.  I kept pushing and pushing, absolutely determined to find him, despite the universe telling me (by way of constant roadblocks) that it would be best for now if I did not.


And again…


For the last few weeks I have been living in a temporary accommodation while I’ve been looking for my perfect place to call home.  A couple of weeks ago I saw a flat I might like to rent and decided to go inspect it on the advertised day and time.  Intuitively I kept hearing, “No” with regards to this flat, but my longing for ‘home’ overrode intuition and I decided to look at it anyway.  The first inspection was cancelled by the agent and rescheduled, so I put the second date in my diary and still kept the plan to go see it, despite my intuitive, “No”.  On the date of the second inspection I drove for an hour through peak hour traffic with anxiety about being late because I’d had a crazy busy day to look at the flat with full intention of applying for it – but when I got there I waited and waited, only to find out that the flat had already been rented out.


So what happened?


The flat was not for me, it was not to be my home and I knew that – my intuition had already told me several times. But I ignored my intuition and the universes roadblocks, determined to do what I wanted to do anyway.  That didn’t go so well, hey…


And again…? (I seem to be on ‘repeat’)


The other day I was visiting some friends outside of Melbourne and happened to find a really cheap house to rent.  Intuitively I got a “NO!” but my home-finding-patience is waning and, of course, I ignored the ‘no’ and decided to investigate the house and organise an inspection.  This morning I called the estate agent to get more information on the house but was told that the woman who manages that property is away sick today.


Intuition says ‘no’ + universal roadblock = don’t look at the bloody house because it’s not for you!


(I’m a slow learner aka stubborn as hell).


I have an appointment tomorrow that I want to cancel out of fear, despite intuitively knowing that I should attend this appointment.  So this morning I decided to ring the woman I have the appointment with and let her know that I will not be attending the appointment.  Intuition again said to keep the appointment, but I was not listening.  I was on my computer that I had been using all morning and opened a new page with the intention of getting the number of the organisation from Mr Google and making the call – but then my internet connection suddenly died and I was unable to get the number in that moment.


Universal roadblock…?  Go to the appointment!


Ok, so you’re getting the idea, yes?  I could push past all of these ‘roadblocks’ to get the outcome I desire, and in the past I have done exactly that (sometimes still do, obviously) – but the thing about universes roadblocks is they are trying to help.  If I had been prepared to listen, the universe was very clearly telling me that seeking out my old friend was not a great idea.  If I had been prepared to listen and not be so stubborn, the universe was telling me that the flat was not the one for me, as it is now telling me that the house is not for me AND not to cancel my appointment tomorrow.


We always have a choice. We have free will. Always. All ways.


If things feel hard, or it seems like you have to really push to get something happening or if something just doesn’t feel right, chances are the universe is giving you a roadblock and right there in that moment is an opportunity for you to stop and re-evaluate.  Chances are that you are trying to push the river (yes, I say that a lot) and chances are that ignoring the roadblock and pushing onwards may not be the best outcome for you.


But again – we always have a choice, so you can always do what you want to do anyway.  The roadblock is merely an opportunity, taking it or leaving it is up to you.

Keep stepping forward (mindful of the roadblocks).  Sam