‘soul-connected, conscious’ connections

A couple of days ago I read this quote from David Nielsen on Facebook, “A woman’s expectation of wanting a ‘soul-connected, conscious, man who unconditionally loves and adores her’ is not unrealistic.  It’s what a real man should bring to the relationship”, and frankly it has triggered me into so much thinking that I can’t help but to write this out.


I often say that the world is changing and we, as humans, are evolving at a rapid rate right now.  We are changing, growing, and starting to understand more about who we are and what we are doing here.  Consequently, we are stepping more into that which we are, and away from who we have been conditioned to think that we are.  It’s an amazing time.


Does this apply to everyone?


Yes.  And no.  Everyone is ‘connected’ to the information and has access to it, but not everyone chooses to. We are all on very individual paths, yet we are all connected. It’s an interesting phenomena.


What this means for human interactions and human lives is most interesting to me.  You may be someone who is growing and evolving and consequently discovering that the people you once were close with, or the activities or career you were once involved in (etcetera) no longer ‘fits’.  I know that many people who are experiencing this shift in consciousness are both excited and scared.  The excitement comes from a deep place of knowing that this evolution and allowing a higher consciousness is so natural and ‘right’, while another part is scared of what all this will mean and they suddenly feel very alone on a journey that they are unsure how to navigate.


Beyond that, and to further complicate things, we now have humans that are expanding in consciousness and are at different stages of that.  People who are raising in consciousness are finding it hard to find people to relate to and feel as thought they are longing for a connection with people that they perhaps have not actually experienced yet.  Every now and then we connect with people who are at very different stages of consciousness, but it’s usually just a matter of time before this connection fades out.  Without someone who is also on this path and someone that we consider equal to us at our own level of consciousness (we decide this consciously and unconsciously), it is unlikely that we will continue to grow.


Dr. Mikio Sankey, the founder of Esoteric Acupuncture, has broken levels of consciousness, or levels of being awakened, down into ‘5 Teir Density Levels’.  This is a nice and simple way of understanding and looking at what level a person is vibrating at, especially when practicing esoteric healing on someone, as their level can be tested energetically.  This allows the practitioner to know what sequences are best to be used on the person to help with his or her own growth and awakening. Dr. Sankey’s ‘5 Tier Density Levels’ are just one of many ways of understanding a persons level of consciousness – I’m sure there are many more wonderful ways to ascertain and understand the vibrational frequency of a person and I use this purely as an example that I personally am very familiar with.


At a more individual level, each of us who are on this path have our own versions of what ‘vibrational frequencies’, ‘connection’ and ‘spirituality’ (connection with spirit and source) is all about.  I know many people on their ‘spiritual journey’ who are at very different stages of that journey, and by being in the different stages of it have very different ideas about what it all means.  For example, many people speak of ‘oneness’ and ‘connection with all’ but still eat meat, or still manage to attract and get caught up in other peoples dramas, involve themselves in negativity, watch the media and so forth (there are hundreds of examples, I’m sure).  My point being, we are all evolving and changing at our own rate and along the way we all have many lessons to learn and old thinking/conditioning to consider and shed.


Coming back to the original quote about women wanting soul centered conscious men –


this quote sparked a lot of thought inside of me because as I read it I thought, “But hang on! Like attracts like and as we are all vibrating at our own individual levels, then that is what we will be attracting into our lives!”  This is the Law Of Attraction.  If women (or men) are upset about the people that they are attracting then I believe it has more to do with the person themselves rather than who they are bringing forth.  I’m not suggesting that we will ONLY and forever attract people who are vibrating at our ‘level’, as I think there is an ‘absolute’ in each level – by that I mean, if, for example I was using Dr. Sankey’s ‘Tiers’ and I was vibrating at Tier Density 4 (5 being the highest) it is likely that I’m still going to be carrying elements of other Tiers because there are most likely still some old parts of myself that I’ve decided to hang on to or are finding hard to shift.  So it is to be expected that because I am carrying the energy of the other tiers in me as well (even though my dominant Tier may be 4) I am still going to occasionally attract other people who are going to mirror the traits of the other Tiers to me in my life.  As I said above, it is unlikely that these relationships will last or that they will have a very close connection – but they will happen over and over again until we shift whatever it is that is drawing that energy to us.


So finally, I want to revisit the quote at the top once again and suggest, if I may, that if you are seeking a ‘soul centered conscious’ partner then start with becoming that yourself, and eventually you will draw in the same.  It may take a while, yes indeed, or it could be instant.  That I can’t predict for you right now in this blog.  The journey of consciousness awakening can be a lonely road and takes a lot of trust and faith.  But what I can tell you here is that while on that journey you will draw in what you need, and if you allow people and experiences to be your gauges and guides, and approach this journey with an open heart and mind then it will be magical.


Imagine then, being on that amazing journey and feeling so connected and full and open and alive, who and what you will attract into your life then…?  Just imagine.


What you imagine you can create.


Enjoy the journey to your soul centered conscious self.


Keep stepping forward, Sam


PS I know there was more to David Nielsens post and his other points did not escape me, but it was the first line that really grabbed me and pleaded with me to take it apart.  The full quote is as follows:

“A woman’s expectation of wanting a “soul-connected, conscious, man who unconditionally loves and adores her,” is not unrealistic. It’s what a real man should bring to the relationship.

But men, in general, have failed.  We haven’t gone within and made the shift from our ego-self to our heart.  It’s been about us, and what we can get without really giving anything up.  We haven’t done the inner work.  We’ve been more concerned about what pleases our eye than what satisfies our soul.  And we certainly haven’t treated women as our softer equal.  We’ve been too busy pretending that we have all the answers to realize that women have a far greater understanding of life and love than we’ll ever have.

Women deserve so much better.  It’s time for a new breed of the masculine to rise up and take a stand.  It’s time to show the world what a real man is. It’s time to return to love.”

~ Daniel Nielsen


Feature image with thanks from Alex Grey Art