“Sam is a spiritual midwife!  Incredibly accurate intuitive guidance, coupled with practical life journey work.  Finally, a merging of intuition and groundedness.”

Deb @ Astro Life Consulting


“I have been fortunate enough to be in the presence of Sam a few times. She has a wisdom and an earthly knowledge that comes only from an authentic space. Sam honestly is such a natural Spiritual Being. It’s not often that we can come across someone who not only ‘walks the walk’ but also ‘talks the talk’ from years of growth. That growth has manifested by Sams courage to follow her path and place her on her journey often to foreign grounds.

There is a mystical presence to this lovely spirit warrior. I have been blessed to have her wisdom given to me. It’s not often you can receive information from such a person without feeling it resonate in your own self as Truth.

Sams gentle words of wisdom bring comfort as well as hope.

If you’re fortunate enough to connect with Sam I have no doubt you will become a better person because of the experience.

I wish you much Love & Light on your journey.”

Jenna Harman – Universal Worker


“Sam, I cant thank you enough for getting this [email reading/session] to me so quickly.

This time in my life has been so hard, and I’m literally crying as I type this.

Your words have helped me so much, things I felt I already knew but couldn’t see them through the fog.  Having you to pull them out of me has been more helpful than you’ll ever know.

It must be so difficult at times to do what you do for people, so for that I must thank you again.

You’re wonderful and I’ll be forever grateful. X”

K.  Victoria, Australia